Route 66 Diner Boasts Varied Menu and Friendly Atmosphere, But Patrons Beware of the Greenbeans!

The Route 66 Diner, located on Central Avenue, just west of University, is a decently-priced, old fashioned diner that has friendly staff and a variety of dishes that make your mouth water. This ’50s style diner is a part of the historic Route 66. A walk through the front door transports patrons back to the … Continue reading

Councilor Winter has Improved Roads, Parks, and Albuquerque Living

Councilor Brad Winter’s time on the Albuquerque City Council has been occupied by road improvements, a multi-generational park, dog potty stations and Party Patrol. Councilor Winter said in an interview that one of his main focuses during his time on the council has been improving the roads in Albuquerque. His current project is the widening … Continue reading

Live Blog of City Council Meeting!

There will be a live blog session during the Albuquerque City Council meeting on Monday, May 2, 2011, at 5p.m. Click the following link to watch the Council meeting live. Click here Click this link to participate in the Live Blog. Click Here Please be professional and courteous in your comments. No rude, profane or … Continue reading

How to Attend City Council Meetings

Some Albuquerque citizens do not go to City Council meetings because they just do not know how. Citizens can find out when city council meetings are scheduled by going to the Albuquerque City Council website. This is the one-stop for all city council information. The left side bar has a link called “Find Legislation, Meetings, … Continue reading

AFD Proposes Reconstructing Another Fire Station

With the approval of the reconstruction of Station 2 still fresh, the Albuquerque Fire Department has proposed the reconstruction of another fire station-Station 7. The proposition presented to the council says there are two main reasons for the project: the deficiency of the current Station 7, and the “strategic potential that would be derived from … Continue reading

Councilor Dan Lewis Comments on District 5

Councilor Dan Lewis was elected to the City Council in 2009. He became interested in city politics when he saw all the things that needed to be fixed in the city. He used old fashioned campaign tactics and personally knocked on people’s doors and talked to them personally. Since being elected, Councilor Lewis has made … Continue reading

AFD Fire Station 2 Approved for Reconstruction

The Albuquerque Fire Department has been approved to begin construction on a new Station 2.  The new station will be located on the south side of Albuquerque, at Gibson and Mulberry. The reconstructed station will be able to cover district 2 more efficiently because there will be less distance to cover to reach the outermost … Continue reading

Pigeon Ordinance Causes Stir in City Council

Feeding Albuquerque’s Pigeons Could Land Fines

Pigeons have been referred to by some people as vermin, equivalent to mice or rats.  Some believe these birds infest an area and spread disease.  The Albuquerque City Council discussed passing a law that would make it illegal to feed the birds in a Finance and Government Committee meeting on Feb. 14. This issue was … Continue reading

Fire Department Requests New Station in Southside of Albuquerque

The Albuquerque Fire Department is looking spend money to provide better coverage in the south side of Albuquerque.  The request was made during a City Council meeting on Feb. 23. The proposed project is a 12,000 square foot, three bay fire station for Station 2.  This would allow for future expansion. The new station would … Continue reading