AFD Fire Station 2 Approved for Reconstruction

The Albuquerque Fire Department has been approved to begin construction on a new Station 2.  The new station will be located on the south side of Albuquerque, at Gibson and Mulberry. The reconstructed station will be able to cover district 2 more efficiently because there will be less distance to cover to reach the outermost … Continue reading

Feeding Albuquerque’s Pigeons Could Land Fines

Pigeons have been referred to by some people as vermin, equivalent to mice or rats.  Some believe these birds infest an area and spread disease.  The Albuquerque City Council discussed passing a law that would make it illegal to feed the birds in a Finance and Government Committee meeting on Feb. 14. This issue was … Continue reading

Fire Department Requests New Station in Southside of Albuquerque

The Albuquerque Fire Department is looking spend money to provide better coverage in the south side of Albuquerque.  The request was made during a City Council meeting on Feb. 23. The proposed project is a 12,000 square foot, three bay fire station for Station 2.  This would allow for future expansion. The new station would … Continue reading

Citizen’s Concerns Over Police Brutality Brought to Council

Complaints of police brutality are becoming more common in Albuquerque. Addresses from members Copwatch took up a significant amount of time during the public comments portion of an Albuquerque City Council meeting on Feb. 23. Copwatch is an organization formed to increase public awareness of police brutality and use of excessive force.  During the meeting, … Continue reading

Explora Seeks Additional Funding for New Programs

Funding for Explora, is dwindling while the organization seeks to expand old programs and create new ones.  During an Albuquerque City Council meeting on Feb. 23, several individuals spoke about the significance of the organization and why it should receive more funds. Explora is based on science, technology and art.  It houses a children’s museum … Continue reading

Finance and Government Operations Committee Meeting Topics

Anyone from the public can attend an Albuquerque City Council or Committee meeting.  The Albuquerque Bernalillo County Government Center is located in downtown Albuquerque in Civic Plaza.  To get there, one must fight the stream of rush our traffic, fueled by the businessmen and woman leaving their offices to scurry to dinner, happy hour, or … Continue reading