Live Blog of City Council Meeting!

There will be a live blog session during the Albuquerque City Council meeting on Monday, May 2, 2011, at 5p.m. Click the following link to watch the Council meeting live. Click here Click this link to participate in the Live Blog. Click Here Please be professional and courteous in your comments. No rude, profane or … Continue reading

President Obama Confirms bin Laden is Dead

President Barack Obama confirmed Sunday that Osama bin Laden has been killed by American forces in Pakistan. Obama said bin Laden was hiding in a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The president ordered the launch of the mission and after a firefight, bin Laden was shot and killed. His body was taken into American custody. There … Continue reading

Possible Police Misconduct Leads to End of One Citizen’s Volunteer Work

Mark Riensche gave up his volunteer efforts at the Juan Tabo Hills Open Space because he said he was unfairly issued a misdemeanor citation and harassed by Albuquerque police on more than one occasion. The Open Space is private property that does not allow motorized vehicles. Along the perimeter of the property, signs are posted … Continue reading

Pigeon Ordinance Causes Stir in City Council

Feeding Albuquerque’s Pigeons Could Land Fines

Pigeons have been referred to by some people as vermin, equivalent to mice or rats.  Some believe these birds infest an area and spread disease.  The Albuquerque City Council discussed passing a law that would make it illegal to feed the birds in a Finance and Government Committee meeting on Feb. 14. This issue was … Continue reading

Citizen’s Concerns Over Police Brutality Brought to Council

Complaints of police brutality are becoming more common in Albuquerque. Addresses from members Copwatch took up a significant amount of time during the public comments portion of an Albuquerque City Council meeting on Feb. 23. Copwatch is an organization formed to increase public awareness of police brutality and use of excessive force.  During the meeting, … Continue reading