Councilor Winter has Improved Roads, Parks, and Albuquerque Living

Councilor Brad Winter’s time on the Albuquerque City Council has been occupied by road improvements, a multi-generational park, dog potty stations and Party Patrol.

Councilor Winter said in an interview that one of his main focuses during his time on the council has been improving the roads in Albuquerque. His current project is the widening of Alameda and improving medians on Harper.

One of the projects closest to Councilor Winter’s heart is the North Domingo Baca Park, a multi-generational park which, when completed, will include a library, pool, multi-purpose fields and tennis courts. Councilor Winter also said he has plans for other small project parks.

Councilor Winter said he has helped start several unique programs during his time on the council. One such project is one that helps maintain clean parks. This is the provision of dog potty stations in public parks. Another unique program is the Party Patrol, that helps monitor and catch underage drinkers. Winter said that before there was Party Patrol, police would break up a party and kids would just move to another party.

Winter became interested in city politics because he wanted to see changes in his city. He said he enjoys city politics because it can “affect your personal life more than state or federal politics can.” He said city politics are more simple.

In his first campaign, Winter said he did not know what he was doing and only raised between four and five thousand dollars.

A lot of it is grassroots,” he said, speaking about the doors he knocked on during his campaign.

His last campaign raised less than twenty thousand dollars.

Councilor Winter plans to run for city council again in October. If he wins, it will be his fourth term serving on the council. He will not run again.


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