How to Attend City Council Meetings

Some Albuquerque citizens do not go to City Council meetings because they just do not know how.

Citizens can find out when city council meetings are scheduled by going to the Albuquerque City Council website. This is the one-stop for all city council information.

The left side bar has a link called “Find Legislation, Meetings, Agendas.” Accessing this link will lead to a page with detailed instructions on how to access each sub-page.

To go to the page with the most information, users should click “Legislative Information Portal.”

Accessing the Calendar will bring up all the past meetings of the council, agendas and minutes, as well as future meetings.

The agendas for each meeting contain the list of legislation that is to be acted upon at that specific meeting. It is advisable to print the agenda and attached documents of any legislation that users are interested in.

Citizens who are interested in attending a council meeting should know how to get to the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Government Center. The address is One Civic Plaza NW Albuquerque NM 87102

The best way to access the underground parking is to travel west on Central Ave. and turn north onto 3rd St. The Civic Plaza is on the left.

Then turn west onto Marquette Ave. The underground parking is to the left of the main street.

Once underground, there is a ticket booth. The press of a button releases the ticket and raises the gate to let the car pass under. Be sure to retain the ticket!

Once parked, head toward the upper level.

Signs direct attendees to the government center.

The council meetings are held in the Vincent E. Griego Council Chambers.

The public is allowed to sit in the chambers and can sign up for public comment if they wish. They may arrive and leave when they need to. The public can only speak during the public comment or during the discussion of any piece of legislation which they sign up to speak about.

Outside the Government Center, the Civic Plaza and park are a great place to take a break form the business of city government.

Citizens should not be intimidated by the council meetings. Although they concern city business, ordinary people have the right and the privilege of attending and speaking at the council.


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